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Our program main focus is to provide education to every Child In need in Zimbabwe through “FUNDISA EDUCATION FUND.” 

Our Mission

To empower under privileged children and youth through education and community-based development projects so that we bring about global development.


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VaTonatsa Foundation is run by a Board of Trustees with diverse backgrounds to bring a balance in our operations. Our team is always there to make this  achievable.

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Our Belief System

It takes a village to raise a child- Our efforts combined with those of other community players are critical in bringing about positive outcomes in our children. We are responsible for nurturing future leaders in our communities.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to see children develop into global leaders who eradicate poverty. We envision a world where children can make positive choices through knowledge gained without hindrances caused by the unfavorable circumstances around them such as poverty and lack of psycho social support.


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The Purpose

The Founding Trustees of Va Tonatsa Foundation were united by one common cause which is to empower underprivileged children and youth. The mission of the VaTonatsa Foundation is to; Provide a lifeline for underprivileged and vulnerable children in Zimbabwe and Africa so that they can in turn develop their communities.

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